Funds Raised

To hold a climbing World Cup India must import an internationally certified climbing wall. And first-time organizers must make a full advance payment. That’s a tall order. The event is scheduled for 13-16 May 2016 in Navi Mumbai and we need to raise the funds with immediate urgency.

So we appeal to you, the passionate people of India let’s bring the wall home.

The world is watching - Can INDIA hold her first world cup in climbing, a sport shortlisted to feature as a new sport in the Olympics in 2020?! Can INDIA pull this off?

Of course we can!

When we come together, we stand tall. Join the movement that brings one of the world’s fastest growing sports to India for the first time!

If you wish to start a fund raiser, please click on 'Start a Campaign' and follow the few easy steps. Or if you simply want to contribute towards the cause, click here: https://climbingworldcup.ketto.org/Giriviharforclimbingworldcup . 

Your donation is tax exempt and qualifies under section 80G of the IT act.

Get more information about the event here: http://www.giriviharworldcup.com/